How to buy

The online shop is reserved exclusively to registered retailers. After the registration you will be able to place your orders online. Our production cycle is based on the so-called "pronto" system, a particular production approach which is based on a constant manufacture of new clothing and a low level of stock. Therefore, your order might also refer to products which are not available anymore, because for some of our items we do not always guarantee a new assortment. In case of availability of the ordered products, you will be contacted shortly with the payment details. In the opposite case, we will offer you assistance if you want to modify your order.

Methods of payment accepted are:
• bank transfer in advance.

Shipping costs: to be quantified on the basis of two criteria: quantity of products purchased and geographical distance between the seat of the company, Cis Nola, and the final delivery point chosen by the buyer. In particular, during January, February, July and August, Lady XL does not guarantee the availability of all online products. In case of products in short supply, we will evaluate every individual purchase order and the decision will depend upon the stock availability and the specific needs of the buyer.

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